Adventurer ?

Are you going in travel, in world tour, in expedition into the jungle, anywhere else ?

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Adventurer ?
Share your adventures with the entire world !

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Share your adventures with the entire world !
Share your feelings easily and in live
Phone2Blog® allows you to instantly post messages on your Internet site or blog/ facebook fan page via simple phone calls, without the use of any computer manipulation. You don't have an internet connexion or simply you don't have the time to write messages ? You just have to take your mobile phone, use the Phone2Blog App, or call a voicemail and share your adventures with the entire world ! That's fast and simple.

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1. Call
The first thing to do is to use the Phone2Blog App, or call a voicemail with your mobile phone or satellite phone.
2. Voice message
You leave a vocal message on the voicemail, as if you were leaving a message for a friend. Once the message is done, It will be automatically transfered on your site/blog/Facebook page.
3. Listen to it online !
Log into your site/blog and listen to your voice message ! It's that easy!
Interested in using Phone2blog ?Get 3 days of the service for free !
Test it now !
  1. At first, call the following number : +32 4 270 47 93 (belgian number).
  2. Then enter the pin code 1234 and let a message then push # to get back to the menu or end the call to record your message automatically.
  3. You just have to wait for 30 seconds and then you can refresh the page to listen to your message. By testing the service, you declare acceptance to our terms.
Ease of use
You don't need to make 10 computer manipulation
Emotionnal message
Hearing the sound of your voice is much more amazing for your friends than a text or an image !

Without internet
You don't need internet to post on the net, a simple phone call and your message is online !

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