Keep in touch

In your homeland, friends, family or fans would love to hear from you, know where you are, what you are doing, how you feel … they’d like to be with you day after day!

There is a way for you to keep in touch with them all, with a simple telephone and a simple voicemail. It is Phone2Blog® – Rider.

You only need a phone

With Phone2Blog®, from a single telephone (be it satellite, mobile, landline, etc.), you’ll call a landline phone number in Belgium and you leave a message on an answering machine. After a few seconds, your recording will end up on the Internet so that anyone can hear you as you go.

You don’t need anything else than your telephone to make use of Phone2Blog®. No need to access the Internet, no technical knowledge, no data plan … just your phone!

3€ / jour3€ / jour
We put your messages in a new siteYou already have a website/blog
Unlimited voice messagesUnlimited voice messages
Frais d'activation : 50€Frais d'activation : 75€