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Some parents see their children going for the first time in holiday without them and they will want to know if their child is fine and reassured by the monitors,…

You don’t need anymore to call the parents 1 by 1 to give them news about their little protected… or to wait the postman.
You just need a phone and to leave a message. Phone2Blog carries all the operations. You don’t need internet during the camp.

How does it work ?

The camp leader and/or his group call a voicemail and leave a message for the parents, this message is posted automatically on the blog or the website of the youth movement. The parents can then listen the monitors or the children telling their stories, when they want it and as much as they want. The service is free for the parents.

The monitor stays master of the communication during the camp and can use Phone2Blog® as a fun and sympathetic activity for children.

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