What is Phone2Blog?

Phone2blog is a service of voicemail that, once it’s linked to your website or blog/ Facebook fan page, allows you to post your vocal messages by passing a simple phone call.

You don’t need ADSL connexion or  mobile network, you call our voice mail with your mobile phone  or your satellite phone and instantly, your message is send to your site/blog/Facebook page.

What is better than to share your adventures with your friends, familly, fans,.. with the sound of your voice ?


Once you chosed one of our offers and when Phone2Blog team  has linked your blog, site or Facebook page to your personal phone number voicemail, you will just have to call  this voicemail and to leave a message. That can be your adventures, stories,…  The vocal message will appear on your website/blog/facebook page instantly.

You don’t need knowledge in computer science. You just need to call a voicemail.

You can make a test of the service for free : here

A new continent, a new adventure, a new technology, follow the race live with Phone2Blog
from Level IT. Listen to the daily comments and race facts !


Stéphane Charlier,
Rally driver (Dakar)

Different uses of Phone2Blog

You can be a rallye rider, a skipper, an adventurer,…

Whatever !, Phone2Blog is made for you ! If you don’t find an offer adapted to your situation, we will made one for you

Phone2Blog features

No need to spend your time writing long texts for your  website, a simple phone call and all your contacts will be reassured at the sound of your voice !